On Syria suffered a new blow

On Syria suffered a new blow

According to unofficial data, there are dead and wounded.

Arab media reported dead and wounded in new missile attack on Syria. The purpose of the attacks were military targets in Aleppo and Hama. Immediately after the first news about the strikes in the Arab social networks there was a version of another Israeli attack on Syria, the more plausible it looked against the background of reports about the Pro-Iranian armed groups, which is attacked a military base in Hama. If it is confirmed, this will be the third Israeli attack less than two and a half months. Experts say the outbreak of the Arab-Israeli war.

“New aggression” against Syria, as reported by the Syrian state news Agency SANA, was made on Sunday at 22:30 local time (same as GMT). The purpose of the attacks were military targets in Aleppo and Hama. The Agency emphasizes that the blow was struck in that moment, when an agreement was reached “on the withdrawal of terrorists” from the South of Damascus in exchange for the 5 evacuation of thousands of civilians from the cities of Foix and Kefraya who are under siege for almost four years.

Other Arab media said that “unknown missile” fell near El-Malikia near the airport of Aleppo and a military base 47 of the Syrian brigades in the vicinity of Hama. As approves Syrian monitoring centre for human rights, on this basis, is the “Iranian militia”. It is not surprising that immediately after the information about the attacked objectives in the Arab social networks there appeared a version that the responsibility for the strike brings Israel. At the same time, the official Syrian newspaper “tishrin” said in his Facebook that 9 missiles were fired from British and American bases in the North of Jordan. The paper this edition is not mentioned.

According to the military source, “RIA Novosti” in Syria, the purpose of night attacks were caches of weapons government troops in the towns of Hama and Aleppo. The attack in the vicinity of Hama was on fire.