Hackers have switched to instant messengers

Hackers have switched to instant messengers

Before this channel was not distinguished in the statistics.

In two years, Russia’s financial system lost from cyber-attacks about 6.9 billion, according to Group-IB. In 2017, has revealed a new trend is the theft of information through messengers, told “Izvestia” in InfoWatch and Dr. Web. Mobile threats are aimed primarily at users of the Android operating system because of its great popularity, noted in Dr. Web and Eset Russia.

About 6.9 billion lost on the Russian financial system from cyber attacks for two years, have informed “news” in Group-IB. And it figures without taking into account of a successful attack on one of the Russian banks via SWIFT, which in the end of 2017 was held by the Cobalt group. The number of criminal groups attacking the Russian company for a few years has grown significantly: if in 2015 there were three of them in 2017 for six. And Cobalt is the most aggressive of them, said Group-IB. In late December, Europol announced the arrest of the leader of the gang.

Often attackers try to crack accounts. According to statistics of Group-IB, for the year citizens lost in the attacks Android malware 821,7 million rubles, the growth year-on-year amounted to 136%. Theft via the Internet Bank increased by 144%, to 15.7 million rubles. The theft of money from companies through the Internet-Bank decreased by 35% and during the year their volume amounted to 622,5 million rubles, says the report Group-IB.

According to Dr. Web, the main danger is a banking Trojan that steals usernames, passwords, SMS codes, and other information. In 2017, Russia ranked second in the world (after Germany) in the number of attacks banking Trojans — they were subjected to 150 thousand people, told “Izvestia” a leading anti-virus expert “Kaspersky Lab” Sergey Golovanov. Mobile Trojans attacked nearly 250 thousand Russian users. This is due to the high popularity of SMS-banking, which makes it easy for a malicious process to steal money, he said.