The rule of the President. Why is trump mad “rich list” Forbes

The rule of the President. Why is trump mad “rich list” Forbes

Former Forbes reporter revealed the contents a long interview with the current President of the United States. Trump has repeatedly overstated the size of his wealth. Why, of all the billionaires he’s already 36 years is obsessed with Forbes?

I’ve noticed before, that of more than 1,500 people who entered the Forbes 400 list since its first publication in 1982, no one was more obsessed with his position in the ranking than the current US President, Donald trump. A few days ago, Jonathan Greenberg, a journalist who worked at Forbes in the early 1980-ies, have added fuel to the fire when revealed the contents of the audio recordings of their conversations with trump from the early days of the “rich list” Forbes. Exaggeration, lies and distortions have developed in the recognizable manner of behavior that we have documented for decades, although Greenberg added a new detail — apparently, trump called him, pretending to be a private representative for public relations (“John Barron”). This is a funny and revealing story.

It is, moreover, completely in line with the spirit of the longstanding relationship of the President with Forbes. During the election campaign I met with trump a few hours, discussing the size of his status and relationship with Forbes. If you want certainty, you can read the title article, published at the end of this conversation. Given the information provided by Greenberg, it is possible to make five main conclusions about obsessions trump.

The Rule Of Trump

The rest of the world learned how at ease trump is drawn with the facts, in the last year or two, but Forbes leads this fight for decades. Standard conversation: “I’ll show you the details of cash flows that are never shown anyone else,” said us trump in the 1980s, holding documents — and then folding them to close the last column. The offices of Forbes sent artsy extracts of financial statements, often on paper with gold logo trump for effect.

We soon learned to take a number that he threw to us as the size of his fortune, to divide into three and start from received.Harold was Cancerology work on the list of Forbes 400 in the first 15 years of its existence

For many years, despite the fact that we interview hundreds of people every year to determine the size of the state trump, this is the basic rule of “Delhi to”, it was unofficially known as the “trump rule”.

This is partly a business issue

Business and brand trump has always been based on the hype. The largest. Best. Rich. Hence the importance of the Forbes 400 for business. “This is useful for funding,” — said trump, repeating what many developers have told us long ago: it is helpful to leave the banker on the table the results of the evaluation of the Forbes 400. When I was a young journalist with the salary of $27 000 per year and worked on the Forbes 400, the largest Builder of shopping malls in Texas, the late Gerry George. Moore offered me a position in PR and a six-figure salary, if I will help him to approach billionaire status.

This is largely a matter of pride