Sky: the interior Minister of the UK resigned

Sky: the interior Minister of the UK resigned

LONDON, April 30. /TASS/. The interior Minister of the UK amber Rudd resigned amid the scandal with the attitude of her Department for the deportation of migrants who have lived in the country for more than half a century. This was reported on Sunday by Sky News.

According to him, Prime Minister Theresa may has accepted the resignation of Rudd. “The Prime Minister tonight (Sunday) accepted the resignation of Minister of internal Affairs”, — quotes the channel of the press Secretary may.

According to analysts, this resignation must weaken the Prime Minister, because, firstly, Rudd was one of her closest allies, and, secondly, the scandal, in which it appeared, has roots in a time when it may have headed the interior Ministry.

Thus most of the comments of political analysts is that Rudd has sacrificed his career to bring the blow of the Prime Minister.

Immigration scandal at the center of which turned out to be Rudd, is gaining momentum in the UK about two weeks. It is based on problems that people experience the so-called generation Windrush, named after the ship “Windrush Empire”.

On it in 1948 in the UK arrived a few hundred citizens of Jamaica, followed by thousands of immigrants from other countries in the region, their immigration was encouraged by London to remedy the shortage in the labour force. In 1971, under the new immigration law, they were entitled to stay indefinitely in the UK, however, after the tightening of legislation in 2012, when Mei was head of the Ministry of interior, some of them were in danger of deportation because they were illegal migrants.

Later it became known that within the British interior Ministry had set targets for the number of migrants who must be sent per year. Rudd, speaking earlier in the Commons, said that he was not aware of these indicators. However, on Friday the Guardian newspaper with reference to which a document made a statement that Rudd was aware of these targets.