Railways of the Baltic States was an obstacle to NATO

Railways of the Baltic States was an obstacle to NATO

Railways of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia can be a problem to move NATO troops in the event of a conflict with Russia. To such conclusion the Institute of modern war (part of the United States Military Academy at West point), RT television reported.

Experts note that the reason for this is the different distance between the inner edges of the rails in Europe and the Baltic States, where the way has not changed since the times of the Soviet Union.

“Trains carrying military equipment and supplies from major NATO bases in Germany or Poland, will have to move their cargo on trains, adapted to the Russian track, or deliver it to the destination on trucks”, — stated in the report.

It is clarified that both require not only considerable time, but also the involvement of trained personnel and essential military resources.

In January 2017, it was reported that the US army encountered difficulties during the transfer of armored vehicles from Germany to Poland to “deter Russian threat”. According to the newspaper the Wall Street Journal, a few cars on the way from the German port of Bremerhaven to Poland crashed into the bridges that are much lower than considered military.