“Monument to the murdered”: as a historical building built shopping centres

“Monument to the murdered”: as a historical building built shopping centres

MOSCOW, 30 Jul — RIA Novosti, Anna Mikhailova. In social networks spread “architectural horror” — images of historic buildings that were literally walled up in shopping malls, offices or residential complexes. The occasion was a post of the Voronezh user with a photo of the shopping center “Gallery of Chizhov”, built over the house of merchant beginning of the XIX century Balashova.

RIA Novosti learned from the experts, who coordinates the projects like “transformers” and how legitimate such architectural eclecticism.

Dead butterfly

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Story “Gallery Chizhov”, so hit the social network, stretching from 2013, with the start of construction, when the monument of history and culture of regional value — the house of the merchant Balashov — hidden behind a plywood fence. It later emerged that the building, which the developer has committed to restore, drove the truck.

Survived only the facade and a basement. The company was fined for the destruction of the monument on 20 thousand rubles. Formally the historic building was restored, but now it literally sticks out from the wall for a multi-storey shopping centre.


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Chairman of the Central Council of the all-Russia society of protection of monuments of history and culture of the lawyer Artem Demidov explains why this violates not only the aesthetic appearance of the city, but also the law.

“By law, the object of cultural heritage has always guarded its spatial resolution. Developers often say: “There is important only the facade, and then you can do anything, build on top”. In fact it is manipulation, because the dimensions of each monument is also protected,” — said Demidov.

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The problem, however, not even the law, which in Russia is almost exemplary rigor, but in how it is implemented, he said.

“There are ways to bypass these rules, the result we observe. If earlier all this was done in the absence of legislative norms governing the restoration and use of monuments, now these norms are covered to perform a similar construction. A recent example is the house in the centre of Volgograd, one of the few buildings of the Tsaritsyno period, surviving to the present day. And also on top of built hospitality centre “Monomah” 14 floors”, — said the expert.

Arkhangelsk. The shopping center “Europark” and the house Ivanova-Plotnikova. While only a render, because everything else is a reconstruction of the house. Will be something like that. pic.twitter.com/BppvWUrV1O

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Not being able to liberate the land around the monument, it simply obstrelivaya from all sides. The coordinator of social movement “Arhnadzor”, a member of the Council under the President of Russia for culture and arts Konstantin Mikhailov is confident that the consequences of this neighborhood for historic buildings can be fatal.

“Visually, the monument to the murdered. Technically it is saved, but actually no longer exists as an object of heritage. Because the monument is not a Museum piece, which can be from one Mart to another shift. It stands in its historic location, it has the environment, environment, it is over air space. If all this he’s deprived, he becomes a “dead butterfly”, which is nailed to the new complex,” — said Mikhailov.