Every second shopping center in Russia found violations of fire safety

Every second shopping center in Russia found violations of fire safety

ULAN-UDE, 30 Jul — RIA Novosti. EMERCOM of Russia together with office of public Prosecutor has checked almost all shopping centers, and every second of them revealed violations of requirements of fire safety, said the head EMERCOM of Russia Vladimir Puchkov.

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Mass checks of shopping centres for fire safety began after the tragedy in Kemerovo. There’s a fire in TTS “the Winter cherry” on March 25 killed 60 people, including many children. The number of victims of this fire, one of the largest in Russia for 100 years.

“The emergency situations Ministry and Prosecutor’s office checked almost all shopping centers, cinemas and places of mass rest of children. Every second of them has a very serious violation that eliminated”, — said Beams in an interview with reporters.

He noted that many of these buildings were built with clear violations.

The Minister said that since may 1, in shopping centers will begin exercises, during which will be worked out actions of staff, management of facilities in the case of fires, and more time will be checked the availability of funds is the primary firefighting and as emergency exits.

“We are interested to have a permanent hard right,” Puchkov stressed.

He urged people to post photos of violations of fire safety requirements not only in shopping centers, but in other facilities, including dwelling houses.