From the Swedish Academy gets another writer

From the Swedish Academy gets another writer

STOCKHOLM, 28 APR — news, Lyudmila Bozhko. Writer and playwright, member of the Swedish Academy in 2016 Sarah Stridsberg announced the resignation from the institution on the background associated with the harassment of the crisis, informs the Swedish Academy.

The Academy is known outside the country being awarded the Nobel prize for literature.

“The Swedish Academy would like to inform that on April 27 Sarah Stridsberg reported the desire to leave his post of member (of the Academy),” — said in a press release published by the Academy on Saturday.

According to Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter today about the official release from the Academy said four of the writer — Sarah Stridsberg, Lotte Lotas, Kerstin Ekman and Klas Ostergren.

Statement Stridsberg appeared on the background of the crisis that arose in the Academy after revelations of sexual harassment #metoo. According to Swedish media, just last month, six academics suspended their work in the Academy announced the full withdrawal from it. After the crisis at the Academy only ten members of the 18 actively continue to work.

The crisis began after the fall of last year, 18 women have accused a very well-known in Stockholm, the representative of the culture in the long-term harassment and harassment of an intimate nature.

Since it was crossed with the Swedish Academy, issuing a number of scholarships and grants, was assigned an internal investigation conducted by the law firm. Worker, who is married to one of the members of the Academy rejects all the allegations and directly with journalists so far did not communicate. Swedish media called, in particular, the Director of the Stockholm literary club “the Forum” Jean-Claude Arnaud and his wife, a member of the Swedish Academy Catarina, Frostenson. In mid-April it became known that she decided to take a time-out in the work of the Academy.

The allegations have sparked #MeToo soul-searching in Sweden and angry demonstrations outside the organization”s Stockholm headquarters. @JonGatehouse

— CBC News: The National (@CBCTheNational) 27 APR 2018

The composition founded in 1786 agencies 18 members elected to his post for life through the ballot box. Earlier it became known that the current patron of the Swedish Academy, king Carl XVI Gustaf because of the crisis decided to change its Charter, which would allow in the future the voluntary withdrawal of members. In addition, if any academician will not participate in the work within two years, it may be considered to have left the Academy.

Last Friday, the Swedish Academy said that doing everything necessary in order to come out of this crisis. This week the Swedish media reported that because of the crisis, the Academy may postpone the award of the Nobel prize for literature this year to the next. Official comments on the issue or any solutions in this regard have not yet been.