Closed the world’s largest website for pornomaster

Closed the world’s largest website for pornomaster

The Dutch police confiscated the server, the world’s largest site for pornomaster Anon-IB. It is reported by Cnet.

Arrested three residents of the Netherlands, on their computers and phones was found large quantities of personal data and images of women. According to the investigation, the suspects knew each other, they asked other visitors to help get the image of particular girls.

The investigation began in March 2017 after the victim has addressed in police with the statement that her private images were published without her consent.

Those arrested were charged in hacking computers and spreading materials with lewd content. According to investigators, the cybercriminals had collected materials with the addresses of the victims, accounts in social networks and cloud storages. However, women often do not even suspect about the appearance of their photos on the website.

In 2014 it Anon-IB was at the center of the scandal with the publication of intimate photos of Hollywood celebrities.