China announced the largest intervention in the Earth’s climate

China announced the largest intervention in the Earth’s climate

Chinese scientists are planning to increase the amount of precipitation in the Tibetan plateau up to 10 billion cubic meters per year. In the framework of the project “Tianhe” (eng. Sky River) in the mountains will be set tens of thousands of cameras that will be releasing in the atmosphere the particles of iodide of silver compounds that are codeoperation reagent.

It will become the world’s largest experiment to create artificial rain, said the publication Science Alert.

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The researchers hope that they will be able to cause rain over an area of 1.6 million square kilometers. While the annual volume of water that will fall in the form of precipitation shall be equivalent to seven percent of the volume of drinking water consumed in China per year. Preliminary tests domeabra system was carried out in Tibet, Xinjiang and other mountainous regions, where they were installed about 500 cameras.

The system is designed for seeding clouds when the atmosphere produced special reagents to change the phase state of clouds. Thus in air masses with high concentrations of water vapor are formed the centers of crystallization, which causes the precipitation. Because the iodide of silver in its crystal structure resembles ice, even a relatively small amount of this substance causes a strong condensation of water droplets.

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