USA made the list of “friends” and “enemies” in the UN General Assembly

USA made the list of “friends” and “enemies” in the UN General Assembly

United States of America built the list of countries whose position in the UN General Assembly in most cases contrary to the views of Washington, said at the permanent mission of the United States at the world body.

Among the main opponents were Zimbabwe, Burundi, Iran, Syria, Venezuela, North Korea, Turkmenistan, Cuba, Bolivia and South Africa.

There is another list, which included countries from voting in accordance with the position of Washington: Israel, Micronesia, Canada, Marshall Islands, Australia, the UK, France, Palau, Ukraine, Czech Republic, reports TASS.

Earlier, the state Department published a report, which contains analysis of the results of voting in the General Assembly in 2017. According to the document in 31% of cases, most countries are members of the UN supported the US position, which is 10% less than in the previous period. A similar analysis of the Americans have been doing for over 30 years.

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