The MOE has published a letter of the charges of negligence was putting out “Winter cherry” fire

The MOE has published a letter of the charges of negligence was putting out “Winter cherry” fire

The chief guard of the Kemerovo fire Department No. 2 Sergei Genin, accused of negligence in the case of the death of people in shopping centre (TTS) “Winter cherry”, wrote from jail letter. Excerpts from the letter published on the website of the Siberian regional emergency center.

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The letter is addressed to family, colleagues and everyone who supports fire. In his address, the Genin hoped that the situation around the “Winter cherry” becomes clearer, and the court will pronounce against him the sentence of acquittal.

“Thank you so much for your support and the support of my wife, writes Genin (spelling and punctuation preserved. — “Vedomosti”). — Don’t give up, put out fires, and be careful. But in real life, so everything is unstable, I did not expect to be in this position, but it is what it is”.

“I have, in principle, everything is fine, neighbors are cool guys as soon as I stopped the camera, I was in shock and in despair, but they supported me morally,” — said the fireman. He notes that his health has stabilized, and the attitude of the prison administration “decent, proper”.

“We did everything we could and more! Some values I have to play, well, not crazy, although he was on the verge after what I accused SK in the death of 37 people. It was as if I should be shot — said Genin. It was so frustrating that life is not worth living. First hardly slept, but then had a meeting with me and the boys, and psychologists, and administration, in General, I have supported and believe that we have done everything that depended on us and not dependent”.

“No matter how we criticized others, God will judge them. They too can understand, so personally I do not hold evil… If God has not given me there to die and none of us, so it should be so,” concludes Genin. He urged the firefighters to take care of yourself.

The investigative Committee filed Genio charges of negligence in extinguishing the fire in the “Winter Cherry”, on 13 April, the court placed him into custody. According to investigators, during a fire brigade under the leadership of the Genin did not listen to the witnesses, who told us about short cut to the cinema in the shopping center, the result of firefighters have spent the time that could be used to rescue people.

A fire in TTS “Winter cherry” in the center of Kemerovo occurred on March 25, his victims were 60 people.