The leader of the Armenian opposition Pashinyan called on the government to resign

The leader of the Armenian opposition Pashinyan called on the government to resign

The leader of the opposition in Armenia Nikol Pashinyan demanded that acting Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan to resign, threatening otherwise to boycott the early parliamentary elections.


“And this can be expressed in the block of buildings. In this case, will expand the lock objects, for example, more than two thousand polling stations,” said Pashinyan.
However, he said that if elected Prime Minister, the opposition will not boycott the vote.

Pashinian was nominated for the post of head of the Cabinet headed by the fraction of “EFC” (Exodus). The opposition leader said that if he was not elected Prime Minister with the support of the people, “in Armenia in General do not elect the Prime Minister.”

Also Pashinyan urged the two parliamentary “non-governmental” fraction “Block of prosperous Armenia” and “Dashnaktsutyun” to Express a clear position on the question of election of the Prime Minister.
For the election of the Prime Minister in addition to required 53 votes. The faction “EFC” (Exodus) of the nine votes, “Block Tsarukyan” — 31 mandate. The Republican party of Armenia led by the resigned as Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan, there are 58 seats.

In April, Armenia’s protests against the election of ex-President of the country Serzh Sargsyan, Prime Minister. The opposition has accused Sargsyan’s mismanagement and the deterioration of the economic situation in the country, and on April 17 announced the beginning of the “velvet revolution”. Less than a week, 23 April, Sargsyan has resigned.
Pashinyan said that the head of the government should be elected “candidate of the people”. Then, in his opinion, should form an interim government and appoint early parliamentary elections. However, he promised to boycott the vote if it goes to the Prime Minister, representing the Republican party.