Media reported on the Russian “roots” of the American F-35

Media reported on the Russian “roots” of the American F-35

According to the portal Task and Purpose, unobtrusive fighter-bomber Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II has common features with the Soviet Yak-141.

As noted, in 1991, Lockheed and Yakovlev has signed a cooperation agreement, which, in particular, allowed American companies to obtain information about the Yak-141, including test data, which required “years of development and trials.”

While this information has helped Lockheed in the development of engines for their aircraft.

However, the F-35 cannot be considered a direct successor of the Yak-141. Planes have different aerodynamic profiles and system stabilization.

However, the American company “almost certainly” used data obtained from the Soviet project of the VTOL (aircraft with vertical takeoff and landing) in the development of the F-35.

That is, at least part of its existence, the F-35 is bound the arms of the Soviet era, emphasizes the publication.