Looks like the most unusual store in the world (photos)

Looks like the most unusual store in the world (photos)

Water and biscuits buyers will have to climb 100 meters on a steep rock.

About the fans of extreme rest is taken care of in China. On popular climbing route Shiniuzhai National forest Park in the province Huaneng opened a shop. And it is not located at the bottom of the route and not on top of a cliff, and right in the middle, at a height of 100 meters.

It is a simple design from a floor, four walls and ceiling, which are fixed on a cliff with ropes and other climbing equipment.

In the shop buyers can purchase water, energy drinks, candy bars, bread and other products (unless, of course, gets to him). You can pay in cash or card.

The only difficulty is, of course, — all of the products we have to bring up with ropes, and the seller the whole day should be “alert” and observe the safety rules.

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