In the United States reported on the fate caught in Russia “Tomahawk”

In the United States reported on the fate caught in Russia “Tomahawk”

The American magazine Popular Mechanics predicted the fate of the trapped from Syria to Russia, cruise missiles “Tomahawk”. The publication suggests that the study of weapons of the enemy will cause interest first of all the possibility of its destruction.


“The transmitters can be tested for resistance to jamming, parts engines to help you find it [a rocket] with the infrared radiation and on-Board navigation data can be used to inform about the location of the protective radar”, — writes the magazine.

The publication notes that almost any modern missile, designed to hit targets of the enemy, designed in such a way that the enemy could not reveal its device. On the other hand, the magazine notes, weapons, enemies regularly gets to US, what is helping “friends of the government” (actually intelligence Agency).

The journal notes that the Russian defense Ministry, the wreckage of “far from conclusive evidence” that the Syrian missile defense system successfully intercepted the Western missiles. Also the edition, referring to the experience of application of Russian cruise missiles “Caliber” in Syria, said that the accuracy of hitting the target, the “Tomahawks” above.