British woman spent $7,000 on a copy of the Windsor castle for my dog

British woman spent $7,000 on a copy of the Windsor castle for my dog

The woman is a big fan of the Royal family.

In 2008, Susan CROSSLAND from Bushey, Hertfordshire, won the lottery of $ 1.6 million. 53-year-old woman who passionately loves the British Royal family and his dog Archie, has decided to dispose of his winnings original.

This woman spent £5,000 on a replica of Windsor Castle for her dog

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The woman turned to one of the design studios with an unusual request — to create a replica of the Windsor castle for your pet. Based on the experts took part with a gate of king George IV.

To create a “dog” Palace is gone 244 hours of work and seven thousand dollars.

Luxury apartment for 10-year-old family pet breed Lhasa Apso was made on the eve of the Royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Is the Palace in the backyard, Susan and her husband Michael.

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On may 19, when there will be one of the most anticipated and debated the Royal wedding, Susan and her husband Michael are going to have a barbecue party. However, after the celebration the woman intends to donate a replica of the Windsor castle to some Museum, so everyone can admire this beauty. So Archie didn’t have long to enjoy their Royal apartments.