The United States refused to believe in getting their “Tomahawk” in Russia

The United States refused to believe in getting their “Tomahawk” in Russia

The US did not believe the statements of Moscow about two American missiles delivered to Russia from Syria. This was stated by Pentagon spokesman Eric Pachon (Eric Pahon), reports CNBC.


In his opinion, it “another example of the Russian campaign of disinformation” and “propaganda smokescreen” aimed at diverting attention from the “moral involvement” of Moscow to the actions of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the death of civilians.

“The allegations concerning our chosen purposes, is absurd,” he said. Pachon added that the American side had not seen any evidence that a cruise missile “Tomahawk” has not reached the target and was handed over to the Russians.

Previously, on 25 April briefing on the defense Ministry of Russia was shown the warhead “Tomahawk”. It was reported that Moscow has received from Syria, two rockets fired during an American airstrike and not achieved goals. Now they are examined by experts and used for improvement of the Russian weapons. The defense Ministry also pointed out that if the objects that bombed the US and its allies were poisonous substances, he must be killed dozens of civilians.

United States, France and Britain on the night of April 14 struck Syrian sites that allegedly produced and stored chemical weapons. The occasion was the message of his application on 6 April in the city Duma by the troops of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad during the operation to free the village from the militants. Damascus and Moscow consider such accusations a provocation. The OPCW information about the chemical attack is not yet confirmed. The US said that all the missiles have hit their targets, in Russia claim that 71 of the 103 missiles shot down a Syrian air defense systems.

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