The strangest pedestrian crossing found in the UK

The strangest pedestrian crossing found in the UK

Apparently, it’s some kind of quest.

The authorities of the British city of Bristol was attacked by local residents for what he did “the tangled road” in the UK.

The fact that the decree of the officials was drawn by two zebras using the bike path leading to the unused bus stop and a busy road.

Council installs zebra crossing to nowhere over cycle path that leads to a unused bus stop

— Daily Mail U.K. (@DailyMailUK) July 24, 2018

The residents of the city and local activists have reasons for disturbances.

Pedestrian crossing “nowhere” not only makes no sense, but can be dangerous for people with vision problems, as it is equipped with a special “nut” and blind people can go straight on a busy road.

Meanwhile, Bristol officials met and assured that Zebra was there drawn for those who will use the bus stop, which then allowed a few years.

Confusion over zebra crossing that doesn’t lead anywhere

— Metro (@MetroUK) April 24, 2018