The Russian military showed the wreckage released on Syria cruise missiles

The Russian military showed the wreckage released on Syria cruise missiles

Moscow. April 25. INTERFAX.RU. The General staff of the Russian Armed forces showed journalists fragments released by Syria’s cruise missiles of the United States, England and France.


“The exhibition presents elements of cruise missiles, sea-based made in the USA “Tomahawk” cruise missiles and air-launched production of England and France SCALP and Storm Shadow,” said a specialist in the field of antiaircraft defense of the General staff Sergei Legless journalists.

According to him, represented by large elements of both the missiles and their propulsion systems and components. — space navigation system.

Good condition items, no fires indicates a clear impact of defense on the cruise missile. The presence of through-holes from damaging elements on the hull of cruise missiles clearly characterizes the fire of anti-aircraft guided missile air defense.Sergei Ethnohistorians in the field of air defense of the General staff

Planes and ships of the US armed forces together with air forces of Britain and France struck at dawn on 14 April rocket attack on the military facilities and civilian infrastructure in Syria, with Syria, more than 100 rockets.

According to the leadership of the three countries, the blow was inflicted on the facilities related to chemical weapons production. Among the sites attacked, was named a research centre in Damascus, the headquarters of the Republican guard, air defense base, several military airports and army depots.

A Pentagon spokesman, Dana white claimed that the United States, France and Britain successfully managed to hit all required targets in Syria during the missile strikes.

Meanwhile, the Russian General staff announced that the coalition forces released 103 missiles, the Syrian air defense intercepted 71 of them. According to the defense Ministry of the Russian Federation, in the course of shock, no one was hurt.

The US and its allies called the strike on Syria a proportionate response to possible chemical attack in the city of Duma in Eastern ghouta, in which they accused the Damascus. Syrian authorities deny the charges.

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