The American took video of the fish-mutant

The American took video of the fish-mutant

However, the footage has caused controversy and doubt.

Huge blue ‘mutant fish’ filmed swimming around lake

— Metro (@MetroUK) April 25, 2018

Unusual creature caught in the lens of the camera American women Paula Terrell during a walk near the lake, in the County of Gaston, North Carolina. In the video you can see something bright blue just over a meter in length. It is likely a fish (a species of carp), but then opinions diverged.

Experts and netizens have begun to put forward their assumptions about what is filmed Terrell. Some have decided that this is not a fish-mutant, but only a dead peacock or some other bird — too long and still the creature was on the surface.

Herself an American, who directed the video, says that it was really unusual huge fish, which after a time disappeared in the water.

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