Half of Americans support U.S. strikes in Syria

Half of Americans support U.S. strikes in Syria

MOSCOW, 25 APR — RIA Novosti. Half of Americans support a missile strike by the United States and its allies on Syria. This is evidenced by data from the center for public opinion research Gallup International.


The survey also showed that 43 percent of respondents have a negative attitude to strike, and the remaining 7% admitted that they do not have a definite opinion on this issue. Approval of Washington’s actions in Syria among Republicans was much higher than among Democrats, 80 percent against 36.

As noted on the center’s website, public support for the recent airstrikes in General corresponds to similar indicators in a situation with other cases of US military intervention.

The US, Britain and France on the night of April 14 have launched missile attacks on Syrian government facilities, where, they claim, is a chemical weapon. In all there were more than 100 rockets, most of which was shot down by Syrian air defense. Russian forces were not involved, but kept track of all the triggers.

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