Armenia has not found a way out of political crisis

Armenia has not found a way out of political crisis

The way out of the political crisis in Armenia has not been found yet, despite the resignation Monday of Serzh Sargsyan from the post of Prime Minister.


The ruling Republican party has said it is ready to hold early elections, implying that the current government will continue to perform their duties. But that was not accepted by the leader of the street protests MP Nikol Pashinyan, who on Tuesday expressed his willingness to personally occupy the post of Prime Minister and announced his intention to seek the resignation of all the functionaries of the ruling party, including acting Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan. Wednesday’s meeting with Karapetian Pashinyan did not take place. Supporters in addition to continued in Wednesday’s mass protests, which are now in the conditions declared by the police of neutrality. Protesters repeatedly blocked the main thoroughfare of Yerevan, including the road to the airport “Zvartnots”.

After the previous parliamentary election in April 2017, the Republican party won an absolute majority in the national Assembly of the country, having won 58 out of 105 seats. Included with it in a coalition, the Armenian revolutionary Federation “Dashnaktsutyun” has received seven seats. The opposition left party “prosperous Armenia”, which is also called the party “prosperous Armenia” (named after its founder and sponsor, businessman Gagik Tsarukyan), which has the mandate 31, and the block “EFC”, whose leader is Pashinyan (nine seats). “Tsarukyan” because of the proximity of his sponsor to the authorities announced support for the protests only after the resignation of Sargsyan, and Dashnaktsutyun said on Wednesday the withdrawal from the ruling coalition.

Although he Pashinyan on Tuesday proposed to elect a new Prime Minister by a vote of the protesters in the square on Wednesday his bloc said in the Parliament on the nomination of its leader as a candidate in the premiere. In response, the leader of the Republican party of Armenia Vahram Baghdasaryan has announced that his party will not vote for Pashinian.

Elite Republicans understand that in this situation the ruling party can continue in some extent to stay in power, if her new government will be nominated by the young politicians, not associated with bored officials and associated businessmen, says the man in the power structures of Armenia.

Therefore, according to him, Pashinyan and his supporters and insist on the complete expulsion of this party from power, although sufficient forces to take power by legal means, they have as of Tuesday was not. Obviously, being active political consultations, involving all influential in the Armenian power, but any positive result to find so far failed, said the source. At the same time, the likelihood that Azerbaijan will take the opportunity to go to the aggravation of the situation on the contact line in Karabakh, now small: Baku is much more interesting to watch, as Armenia itself weakens with each new day the actual lack of power, says the source, “Vedomosti”.