That resulted in a bloody four-year war among chimpanzees? Understand scientists

That resulted in a bloody four-year war among chimpanzees? Understand scientists

The only documented scientists the war between… the chimp began with a brutal murder.

It was January 1974. Chimp named godi was having lunch alone, sitting on a tree in the Park of Gombe in Tanzania.

Fascinated by eating, godi did not notice that he was surrounded by a group of eight chimpanzees.

“He jumped down from the tree and ran, but it caught up,” says the British primatologist Richard Rangam in the documentary film bi-Bi-si “Demonic primacy”.

One of them grabbed him by the foot, the other leg. He was knocked to the ground and began to beat. The beating lasted more than five minutes. When he was released, he could barely move.Richard Regenerator

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From this bloody incident began, “four years war” called so by the renowned British primatologist Jane Goodall. This conflict divided the community of chimpanzees at Gombe and spawned a wave of murders and violence. Nothing like scientists previously have seen.

However, the exact reason for the split is unclear, said Professor of evolutionary anthropology at the American University of Duke Joseph feldblum.

In March feldblum published the results of a study in the “American journal of physical anthropology”, which describes the details of the story “power, ambition, and envy” that caused the bloody war.

People and monkeys

84-year-old primatologist Goodall revolutionised our understanding of chimpanzees (and people) when she found out that monkeys make and use tools, can communicate in a primitive language and can understand what they think other members of the pack.

But Goodall also found that these animals can be very cruel.

Four years scientists watched and documented how groups of Kasakela and Kahama living in the North and South of the Park, attacked, beaten and killed each other.

During this time, a third of the male chimpanzees in Gombe died because of the violence of other chimpanzees.

“This war further brought the chimpanzee to us than I previously thought,” says Goodall in a documentary film of Bi-bi-si.