Mark Feigin was deprived of the lawyer status

Mark Feigin was deprived of the lawyer status

MOSCOW, 24 APR — RIA Novosti. Law chamber of Moscow has deprived of the status of the well-known lawyer, Mark Feigin, told RIA Novosti lawyer Stalin Gurevich.

“The Bar Council was deprived of the status of the lawyer Mark Feigin,” said Gurevich.

According to her, informed the Board of the Bar Association of Moscow considered unethical behavior Feigin for using them in social networks of obscene language towards their fellow lawyers and their clients.

Earlier, Feigin had already warned for misconduct on the Internet in relation to the lawyer Ilya Novikov.

Gurevich also said that Feigin can return the status or by court order, or a year after the exams. “He can either to pass examinations or by the court,” she said.

The argument that even Plevako cursing didn’t help.Stalin Gravitational

Mark Feigin, a famous Russian lawyer. He has participated as counsel in the case of Pussy Riot, the nationalist Ilya Goryachev, the Ukrainian pilots Hope Savchenko and other.