In the Netherlands, have discovered why people cry

In the Netherlands, have discovered why people cry

Scientists have discovered why people cry.

They reminded that most people cry from sadness, pain and other complex emotions. Experts believe that crying helps people to Express emotions that they can’t tell you reports FAN.

According to experts, crying helps a person to communicate what he feels when he can’t explain it any other way.NewsScientists have figured out where they live most whiny children

The scientists of Tilburg University in Niderlandah explored the purpose of crying. They focused on intrapersonal and interpersonal functions. During the observation of experts came to the conclusion that the crying — not that other, as a form of nonverbal social communication.

It aims to identify the discomfort, the need care and social support from others.

The effect of the tears may vary depending on different factors.

For example, tears in the intimate surroundings will perceive compassionately, and not at work.