In Poland on the world’s largest statue of Jesus Christ set the Wi-Fi

In Poland on the world’s largest statue of Jesus Christ set the Wi-Fi

Local authorities and Church representatives to give comments has refused.

Polish journalists from the town of świebodzin, which houses the world’s largest statue of Jesus Christ, notice that in the crown of the Saviour appeared the antennas and transmitters for distribution of the Internet signal.

This statue of Jesus in Poland provides Internet to nearby villages

— Bk (@bertrand_k) April 24, 2018

Any official statements in this regard, neither the Church nor the authorities did not. After the detection antennas, they also refused to comment on the situation.

But reporters found the provider who installed the transmitters.

In private conversation the representative of the Internet company told me that everything is done formally and with the right permissions.

He also stressed that the height of the crown (50 meters above the ground) have a great opportunity to give the Internet to nearby villages and towns. In addition, local the parish of signal is also needed for the surveillance system.

GSM Tower Jesus, the new trend in Poland. We do expect Jesus Towers in every village. #Jesus #JesusIsLord

— Nie Wyczymie! (@Niewyczymie) April 23, 2018

Note that installed in 2010, Christ the King statue in Poland is currently the largest in the world. Its height with the base is 52 meters. For example, the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro only 40 meters.