The head of the OPCW the culprit: the substance of Salisbury were able to produce in any country

The head of the OPCW the culprit: the substance of Salisbury were able to produce in any country

MOSCOW, 23 APR — RIA Novosti. Russian pranker Vladimir Kuznetsov (Vova) and Alexey Stolyarov (Lexus) argue that spoke to the Director General of the OPCW Ahmet Uzumcu recognize that the substance that poisoned the former GRU officer Sergei Skripal and his daughter, could be made in any country, including in the United States.


In the English town of Salisbury on March 4, was poisoned convicted of spying for the UK ex-GRU officer Skripal and his daughter Julia, which triggered a major international scandal. London claims that the poisoning Skrobala substance A234, which in the West call a “Newbie” involved in the Russian government, Moscow categorically denies it.

“According to our experts, it can be produced in any country. This can not be excluded. Russia says that research on these substances was carried out somewhere else, and this may be true,” says the person represented as Uzumcu, the recording of the conversation posted on the YouTube channel of prankery.

Answering the question about how could this substance be theoretically produced in the United States, he said, “Absolutely. In any country where there are chemists, because the substance that was used, as I said our experts, the public”.

He stressed that the materials for the production of this substance, but for its production needs highly qualified specialists and high level laboratory. Therefore, according to the interlocutor of prankery, this substance “could not be produced by terrorists, organized criminal groups or private individuals”.

As for the substance, he confirmed that the OPCW experts agree with the conclusions of the UK.

“It is the same formula and so on. They call him “Rookie.” We don’t want to call it that, because “Beginner” is the name used by Western countries, not common. This is the only difference. It’s like talking about water and H2O”, — he said.