Shoigu: the US is pushing the world to the arms race

Shoigu: the US is pushing the world to the arms race

The Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu, speaking at the Ministerial meeting of the SCO countries in Beijing, said that the United States is pushing countries to the arms race.

According to the Minister, currently the world is in a state of transition to a multipolar system, which manifests itself in increased competition for leadership in that region and around the world.

“In these circumstances, the United States wants to preserve the role of the hegemon in international Affairs, will employ any means, including military, pushing the country to a new arms race — said Mr. Shoigu (quoted by TASS).— This is confirmed in the new American doctrinal documents in the sphere of national security and defence, the desire to revise the most important international agreements, including UN resolutions and the basic principles of the world trade organization.”

The defense Minister also added that in the current situation, the United States openly declared its military power as a tool for correction are not satisfied with their trends in world politics. Also Sergei Shoigu called a “violation of all international norms” missile strikes on positions of the Syrian army, which the US, Britain and France struck in response to alleged himataku in which these governments accused the regime of Bashar al-Assad.