Sargsyan resigned from the post of Prime Minister of Armenia

Sargsyan resigned from the post of Prime Minister of Armenia

Prime Minister of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan has resigned, according to the source “” in Yerevan.


“Nikol Pashinyan (the leader of the protesters — approx. “Of the”) was right, I was wrong. The situation has several solutions, but none of them I’m not going. It’s not mine. I leave the post of leader of the country, the Prime Minister, said Sargsyan’s statement, published on the website of the Prime Minister. — I fulfill your requirement. I wish peace to our country”.


In Yerevan from April 13 there are massive protests because of the appointment of Sargsyan, who was the President of Armenia for the post of head of government. Live from the streets of the city, which is “Radio liberty” (the Armenian service of “Radio Liberty”), it is clear that the news of the resignation of the Prime Minister, the protesters greeted with cheers, the music plays.

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The people did not disperse from the streets, according to the interlocutor “of the” in Yerevan in a few hours Pashinyan promised to speak at the rally, where he will talk about the future plans of the Armenian authorities.

Sargsyan occupied the post of the President of Armenia from 2008 to 2018, after the expiration of powers of the ruling Republican party decided to nominate him for the position of head of government. The Parliament voted for the appointment of Sargsyan on April 17.

Armenia has refused from the presidential form of government in favor of a parliamentary Republic after the referendum in December 2017. The constitutional reform voted by 63.37 per cent of voters.