Biologists transplanted mice tiny human brain

Biologists transplanted mice tiny human brain

American scientists implanted the mice cells of the human brain and examined how the operation affected their behavior. A study published in the journal Nature Biotechnology.

MOSCOW, 23 APR — RIA Novosti. Biologists have grown in vitro and transplanted organelles of the human brain the size of a lentil grain in the head of the mouse. “Mini brain” has partially replaced the rodents of their own. In result, the nerve cells not only survived, but also began to develop: after 233 days of their structure and maturity were comparable to the brain of the newborn.

The behavior of mice with “human brains” are not different from the usual. The first time subjects are better to take the test on the memory, but in the end went back to a standard for their performance.

Scientists believe that the results of the study can produce a revolution in regenerative medicine: cells are grown can be used to implant people.