76-year-old “Baikal grandma” is famous in the world due to the unusual hobby

76-year-old “Baikal grandma” is famous in the world due to the unusual hobby

The world’s media fascinated by the lady skating on lake Baikal on homemade skates.

76-year-old Love Morehodku from a small farm on the shore of lake Baikal became the star of the foreign media. Journalists around the world tell the story of the pensioner, who lives alone surrounded by nature and farm — a few cows, dogs, cats and chickens.

Previously, she lived in Irkutsk, where he worked as an engineer-technologist, and after retirement along with her husband went to his native village. After the death of her husband in 2011 Love Moragoda was left alone. But she’s not bored — engaged in farming, embroiders and cuts through lake Baikal on homemade skates. It is this lesson, and have attracted the attention of journalists.

According to the pensioner, skating (on which she rides so far) in 1943 made her father from parts saws and wooden bars. Now she uses them as an indispensable means of transportation. She covers the distance across the lake (sometimes up to 10 km) to get to civilization or get clean water.

During the download an error has occurred.Despite health problems, Love Morehodku tries every day to skate, noting that it helps her feel better.

My grandmother, though she lives alone, but lonely does not call himself. In the summer of her visiting children and grandchildren, and she often participates in competitions on the embroidery and has twice received the title of “Superbabes”.