The terrorist № 1 in Europe: abdeslem Salah sentenced to 20 years in prison

The terrorist № 1 in Europe: abdeslem Salah sentenced to 20 years in prison

The only surviving organizer of the Paris terrorist attacks 2015 abdeslem Salah sentenced by a Brussels court to 20 years in prison. This term he received for an armed resistance to the police and the attempt on the life of law enforcement officers. Abdeslam himself at trial, was not present as is awaiting trial on the main charges of involvement in terrorist attacks in a Paris jail.

The court in Brussels handed down the verdict in one case involving “the terrorist № 1” abdeslem Salah and his accomplice, Sufian IARI. Abdeslam was arrested March 18, 2016 in the Brussels district of Molenbeek. Earlier, during the storming of the apartment in the commune fauré, where three members of the terrorist group, the police encountered armed resistance: Abdeslam and accomplices were shot with machine guns. One of the terrorists, law enforcement officers eliminated, however two managed to escape. Three days later, police again found Abdeslam along with an accomplice, Sufiana Yuri, and this time was able to catch them.

The trial in the case of Abdeslam and Yari began in February 2018. The investigation was not a formal evidence that the Mass itself was shooting at the police, but the court accepted the prosecution argument that involvement in a terrorist organization makes him an accomplice to the shooting.

Abdeslam has refused personal participation in the trial in Belgium, his interests were represented by the Belgian lawyer Sven Marie. The terrorist is now in prison in France, where he is awaiting trial on the main charges of involvement in the Paris attacks.

On 23 April, the Palace of justice in Brussels was closely guarded: at the entrance along the perimeter were installed, solid metal fence, had been on duty the police and the military. As noted, the attorney Abdella claimed that it needs to justify because of a procedural error, however it did not affect the court’s decision.

“The court convicted the defendant of Salah Abdella and [his accomplice] Sufyan Ayari in the armed resistance to police officers and the attempted murder of police officers when the aggravating circumstances. The court sentenced the accused to 20 years of imprisonment”, — is spoken in the sentence.

From the moment of arrest Abdeslam spoke with investigators only once. In March 2018, he decided to justify a friend of the driver.

The testimony touched Ali Alkadi, it was suspected that he drove Abdeslam in the Brussels commune Skarbek on the day after the terrorist attacks in Paris. Alkadi through counsel, asked Abdeslam to speak in his defense, explaining that “his mother is dying and he can no longer bear prison”. Abdeslam told the judge that “never asked for help from this suspect.” However, its participation in the attacks, he never said a word.

The investigators believe that the Mass was in the Paris-Brussels terrorist cell that carried out the terrorist attacks in the French and Belgian capitals.