Nanono excess is not cut off: surgeons test point cancer therapy

Nanono excess is not cut off: surgeons test point cancer therapy

MOSCOW, April 23 — RIA Novosti, Alfia Enikeeva. The most common among men with cancer, prostate cancer, which affects about a quarter of patients urological hospitals, until recently, treated surgically — removed body. Latest technology — nonono — allows you to save the prostate gland, destroying only cancer cells.

The RIA Novosti correspondent visited the surgery at the first Moscow state medical University named after I. M. Sechenov, where they conduct clinical trials of this method.

“The feeling that they were participating in a historic event. We didn’t just jump into running at full speed the train, we ride the locomotive” — smiles Dmitry Enikeev, Deputy Director of the Institute of uronephrology sechenovskiy University.

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He just removed the patient tumor of the prostate with nanonote. This technology, part of the Arsenal of focal therapy, a new concept for the treatment of prostate cancer, is not yet included in the treatment Protocol anywhere in the world, but is being actively tested in four large medical centers. In addition sechenovskiy University, is a University College London (UK), University of Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and Duke University (USA).

Before the surgery, the patient undergoes a procedure called “fusion biopsy” — ultrasonography (us) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the prostate. MRI images and ultrasound combined, and the doctors can clearly see the area of the prostate, presumably affected by cancer. From there take tissue for biopsy. In addition, conduct a test sampling of tissues from other sites of the prostate to make sure that there is no cancer. This allows you to very accurately determine the place that you want to operate.

Technically it’s simple. We know where the affected area. Put in probes with a diameter thinner than the rod of a ballpoint pen. Create between them an electric field, and impulses to kill cancer.Dmitry Antievangelical Director of the Institute of uronephrology sechenovskiy University

Nanono is based on the principle of irreversible electroporation. The current passing through the probes in cell membranes of tumor tissues formed many naturestudy nanopores. Homeostasis of cancer cells is disturbed, and this starts the mechanism of self-destruction.

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This is one of the safest ways the treatment of cancer. Previously, patients with prostate cancer completely or partially removed or destroyed gland tumor laser or radiofrequency radiation, and destroying cancerous and healthy cells.

“These operations are efficient, but they greatly affect the quality of life. In a patient with a high probability of disturbed sexual function may be leakage or even incontinence. Focal therapy preserves quality of life. And rehabilitation is very fast. Early after operation patients got up on his feet in just five to seven days, now the next day, the day removed the drainage catheter and all,” says Enikeev.