Kudrin praised the ability to “adequate” response to US sanctions

Kudrin praised the ability to “adequate” response to US sanctions

According to him, the state should not compensate for billionaires losses from U.S. sanctions.

Chairman of the Board of the Center for strategic research (CSR), former Minister of Finance Alexei Kudrin believes that the state should not compensate Russian billionaire losses from U.S. sanctions. He declared it in interview to the program “Pozdnyakov” on NTV. He acknowledged that the Russian authorities are very difficult to find “adequate” response to us sanctions.

“We need to help to work with companies, so they are not stopped, but it is not necessary to compensate for billionaires losing their value. The budget has other tasks,” said Kudrin.

He added that the postponement of the discussion of the “law on anti-sanctions” — “a very rational step.” “But, again, it is very difficult to find adequate, the same kind of decisions against American companies,” — said Kudrin.

According to the head of the CSR, the Russian authorities should carefully make decisions about retaliatory sanctions. “Speaking against a private American or European businesses, we often punish ourselves”, — he said.

For this reason, Russia in many industrial sectors one-third or one-half dependent on imported components, Kudrin is sure. “And so the whole world is developing. Such restrictions can often hit more for us”, — says the former Minister.

Kudrin also added that he received dozens of requests from Russian companies, which “see some anticyclonic paragraphs of the draft law as a threat to their business.” He stressed that retaliatory measures against the United States should not hit the “boomerang” on these companies. You need to look for “such steps that are either sensitive, or politically significant, but will not affect Russian companies,” said the former Minister.

“These options still not enough. Private sector American, whatever nasty blows to the Russian private sector, after all, not to blame and wants to work with Russia. And investing money here. I would be very wary of the punishment of private business”, — said Kudrin.

Earlier, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said that Russia will have a body to coordinate the struggle with the consequences of sanctions. He pointed out that the staff of the new authority will communicate with the sanctioned companies to study their needs and prepare proposals to government. What Agency will be established a new structure, he said. Siluanov specified that fell under us sanctions, the company has requested the liquidity of approximately 100 billion rubles: “a lot of money. About a hundred billion.”

At the same time, the Finance Minister ruled out the provision of funds to these companies in the capital. Liquidity of them, according to him, will be able to provide the PSB, on the basis of which to create a reference Bank for defense procurement and major government contracts. “We are not going to give money to the capital. Primarily, this assistance should be aimed at support of labor groups, who work there, because the issues of employment, wages, of course, concerned about the government”, — concluded Siluanov.

Measures of support for sanctioned companies are working on several departments. CB produces measures including may relate to foreign exchange control. The Ministry intends to support sanctioned companies through public procurement, said the Minister Denis Manturov. Another option for assistance is a temporary nationalization of UC Rusal, said the press Secretary of President Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Peskov. But on Friday evening, Siluanov said that such a measure is not considered: “In General, how the principle of support could probably be considered the nationalization of some nominal sum. To keep production and employees In the part of Rusal we such proposals are not received from the company”.

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