In Yerevan, dozens of soldiers joined the protesters

In Yerevan, dozens of soldiers joined the protesters

YEREVAN, April 23 — RIA Novosti. Dozens of soldiers joined the protest against the election of the Prime Minister of ex-President Serzh Sargsyan, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.


One of them told reporters that they “are in military service”. Weapons from the military with me, from the review they refuse.

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The defense Ministry condemned the military involvement in the opposition rally and promised to “take action” against those who deserted their units. The Ministry recalled that the Constitution and laws of the Republic limiting the participation of the military in any meeting.

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Marches are being held by several groups of protesters, one kicked off at Yerevan state University. The demonstrators left without the main leaders. On Saturday detained Armen Grigoryan and David Sanasaryan, and on Sunday deputies Nikol Pashinyan, Sasun Mikaelyan and Ararat Mirzoyan.

Later, the opposition member Lena Nazaryan said that the leaders of the protests did not intend at the time of negotiations with the authorities to encourage the demonstrators to leave the streets.


Opposition protests

Protests against Sargsyan’s election began on 13 April. Under the new structure of the state, which became a parliamentary Republic with 9 April, the Prime Minister actually leads the country. The opposition accuses Sargsyan to inefficient management and deterioration of the economic situation and on April 17 announced the beginning of the “velvet revolution”. Despite the protests, the Parliament of Armenia on the same day, Sargsyan was elected to the post of Prime Minister.