American detectives tried to unlock the phone by finger of the deceased

American detectives tried to unlock the phone by finger of the deceased

Two detectives from the state police FL, USA, attempted to unlock the smartphone with your finger men, who died last month, reports the Tampa Bay Times.

Linus Phillip (Phillip Linus F.) was killed by police in late March. Police officers tried to detain Phillip, smell assuming that he smoked marijuana in the car, but he tried to escape (his car while dragged the policeman), after which one of the officers shot the suspect.

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Shortly after the incident, investigators from Florida came to the funeral home in Clearwater, where the body of the deceased. With the help of fingerprint Phillip they tried to unlock his phone — according to the police, in order to collect data for the investigation of the incident and a case that is drug-related and which may be relevant Phillip. It is reported that unlock smartphone detectives failed.

Victoria Armstrong (Victoria Armstrong), the former fiancée of Phillip, told the Tampa Bay Times, what is the behavior of the detectives believes “disrespectful and illegal”. The representative of the local police, however, said that the detectives felt they don’t need a warrant since the death of “no privacy”. As noted by Charles rose (Charles Rose), Professor of law at Stetson University, Tampa Bay Times, the dead can not claim the protection guaranteed by the Fourth amendment to the U.S. Constitution, because after death deprived of property; however, according to the Professor, to qualify for these protections can someone who passed the property as inheritance.