Aeroflot have warned of fraudulent free tickets

Aeroflot have warned of fraudulent free tickets

MOSCOW, 23 APR — RIA Novosti. Aeroflot warned about scams spreading in messengers false information about the free gift the tickets of the airline, reported the press service of “Aeroflot”.

“Aeroflot” officially declares that information on two free gift tickets that the airline gives in honor of its 95th anniversary, is an absolute lie and a fraud, “Aeroflot” has no relation to this mailing list, the message reads.

As noted by the carrier, users messenger WhatsApp receive fraudulent messages on behalf of Aeroflot in which offers to two free tickets, simply click on the link. Aeroflot recalls that the only official website of the airline is and all reliable information about current promotions, special offers, competitions and latest news is placed on it and in the official accounts of the airline in social networks.

The airline notes that participation in such “competitions” threatens the user devices by viruses, with the result that attackers can obtain access to personal data, accounts and contacts. This can be used for hacker attacks, theft of funds, retention of prohibited information and send spam.

Aeroflot urged Internet users not to give in on provocation of swindlers and stop spreading false information, says the company.