WP: the White house feared that the statements of Kim Jong-UN can be a trap

WP: the White house feared that the statements of Kim Jong-UN can be a trap

WASHINGTON, April 22. /TASS/. Assistants of the President of the United States Donald trump skeptical about the claims of North Korean leader Kim Jong UN on the suspension of missile and nuclear tests, fearing that Pyongyang wants to create the illusion of willingness to compromise.

This is stated in the published on Saturday, the material of the newspaper The Washington Post.

According to her, in the White house “in a private conversation skeptical respond to the statement of North Korea about plans to freeze the testing of nuclear weapons, warning that dictator Kim Jong-UN may set a trap and promise not to abandon the hard line ahead of a possible summit between two leaders.”

Trump aides say that the leader of North Korea did not assume any direct liability.

The team trump also believe that Kim Jong UN intends to offer a “modest pledges”, which can then be discarded in return for the establishment, according to sources of the newspaper, “the illusion of being reasonable” and willing to compromise. The United States will be more difficult from a political point of view, to reject the demands of the DPRK, the newspaper said.

According to her, in a White house statement, Kim Jong-UN are seen as an attempt to soften the economic sanctions.

However, the administration claim that there well remember how Pyongyang first violated the agreement by insisting on the lifting of restrictions.

As said on Saturday Kim Jong-UN at the end of the plenary session of the Central Committee of the workers ‘ party of Korea, the DPRK will suspend nuclear and missile tests and has joined the global process of nuclear disarmament in accordance with its new strategy of building a socialist economy.

In early March it became known that Kim Jong-UN gave the Tramp through representatives of South Korea a verbal proposal to hold the meeting, the head of the US administration accepted it. Last Tuesday, the White house told reporters that the meeting with the head of the DPRK will be held soon: in early June or even earlier.