Tuleyev announced his retirement from politics

Tuleyev announced his retirement from politics

A former Governor of the Kemerovo region Aman Tuleyev, who now serves as the Chairman of the Council of people’s deputies of the Kuzbass, said that he sees his future in politics and has no plans to become member of the Federation Council.

“Honestly, I don’t want, and it makes no sense in politics to stay,” said Tuleyev in an interview with a local television station TVM. He said that he has no plans to relocate from Kuzbass. “Where am I going? I have here the graves of your parents and son. I can’t imagine myself and Kuzbass separately,” said Tuleyev.

He stated that he resigned from the post of head of the region for moral reasons. According to the politician, if not a tragedy in the “Winter cherry”, he would have left politics in the fall of 2018 due to health problems. The fire in the shopping centre, “Winter cherry” has occurred on March 25, his victims, according to the latest data, there were 60 people.

While Tuleyev has declared that will not leave from the post of the speaker of the Kuzbass Parliament. He assured that this office will not allow the confrontation of the legislative and Executive authorities in the region. On the issue of relations with the acting Governor Sergey Tsivileva Tuleyev said he knew him solely on business meetings. “He is well versed in the coal industry,” — said the ex-Governor.

Tuleyev headed the Kuzbass since 1997, he resigned April 1. Acting Governor appointed Sergei Tsivilev. 3 APR Tuleev received the vacant Deputy mandate, and on 10 April was elected Chairman of the regional Council.