Ubersetze death. How IT entrepreneurs are embracing the afterlife

Ubersetze death. How IT entrepreneurs are embracing the afterlife

The world’s first device to voluntary departure from life was shown at the exhibition of the funeral industry in Amsterdam. All manipulations in the capsule Sarco will be painless, according to its creators, responsible for futuristic design Alexander Bannink and activist in the legalization of euthanasia Philip Nitschke. They brought to the exhibition layout, and promised to present a working model by the end of the year.

In recent years, the world appears more and more innovative services for those who are thinking about death. Details — in the material of the portal iz.ru.

The biggest innovation of the underworld did not appear in the real world. For example, the coffin of the future, the concept of which was published in October of 2015, a British company funeral Perfect Choice Funerals.

The cover was supposed to fit the big screen and put on it the slide show from photos and tweets of the deceased; in the side speakers, which would sound the funeral speech, and changing the color of the lights for unknown purposes.

Another sensational project announced in January of 2017, the former head of “Yandex. Forecast” Dmitry Geranin. Application for funeral arrangements UMER was designed to tell you what documents you need to gather for the funeral, offering options for burial or cremation and to calculate the cost of services. The idea was to bring together the organizers of the funeral and possible customers as this happens to drivers and passengers in Uber. But on the official page of the application is still promise that it “will be here soon in stores”.

Remote upkeep

Jokes or unrealized business ideas — UMER and smart coffin is not the first recourse for IT entrepreneurs to the theme of death. For several years in Russia working service “after Care” where you can find contractors who will clean the grave site and send photos of work done.

It works in Russia, the prices on the website are quoted in rubles, dollars, euros and shekels. A similar service called “open cemetery” was created in 2007, Ekaterinburg programmer Michael Sverdlov. In 2015, the project cost was estimated in 60 million roubles. In April 2018, his website is closed.

One of the most curious foreign counterparts called The Warhol Cams. Here for a modest fee, they promise to lay a can of Campbells soup or a bouquet of flowers at the tomb of the guru of pop art, Andy Warhol. Offerings to undertake to deliver to the last refuge of the artist within 48 hours. After that, the sender will inform, when will his 15 minutes of fame. A web camera pointed at the grave of the artist, you can see how they have paid for a can of soup and the flowers will be on the tombstone.

Maps of the cemeteries

Services “after Care” and closed “open cemetery” grew out of attempts to map the Russian cemeteries. Yet to find via the Internet grave even in Moscow is not easy. In 2014, the city authorities decided to spend 45.9 million rubles for the development and implementation of a unified automated information system “the Ritual”. The system should include maps of cemeteries and the search for 8 million graves. Its launch was not reported.

Abroad and online maps of the cemeteries there a long time. One of the largest TombFinder contains data about the cemeteries in the US and the UK. Many foreign cemeteries have their own pages on the Internet and even mobile apps. Available and thematic maps of graves. So, with the application Mummy is possible to find and identify all stored in world museums of mummies.

Online memorials

Extremely popular service on the Internet — online memorials and virtual cemetery. These sites function as a social network for the dead. The deceased is put on the page where you can find information about the man to know where he is buried. Italian RipCemetery pages stylized cells in the crypts. Next to them you can leave virtual flowers and notes. Most memorial portals, including the oldest Hong Kong Memorial is decorated much easier.

On the Internet graveyard Legacy you can read the obituaries in the media, learn interesting facts about the death of famous people and death in General (did you know that in the English language about 200 euphemisms for the word “death”?). There are themed online of the cemetery, for example, the Officer Down Memorial Page. It stores information about the American officers killed on duty.

Can in advance to choose the content for your online memorial. Make an offer this is the creators of the service Your Last Will. They released a mobile app for video uploads. More functionality the website offers Immortum. It is focused not only on those who thought about death, but suffering from dementia. It is expected that through the messages left in moments of enlightenment, patients will be able to communicate with loved ones.