The Syrian President has returned to Paris, the French Legion of honor

The Syrian President has returned to Paris, the French Legion of honor

MOSCOW, 19 Jul — RIA Novosti. The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Syria returned to France, the Legion of honor of Bashar al-Assad through the Embassy of Romania in Syria, the press service of the President of Syria.

Previously, the Agency France Press with reference to the entourage of French President Emmanuel Macron announced that Paris started the procedure of deprivation of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad sign the Legion of honor.

Medal returned because of France’s participation in the tripartite aggression along with U.S. and Britain on April 14. It emphasizes that President Assad is not an honour to wear the medal of slave mode serving USA supporting terrorists in Syria, to encroach on the state member of the United Nations, openly violating international law and its principles.The press service of the President of Syria

The report notes that Syria is always with respect to international relations and the right of peoples to determine their own destiny and opposes any instructions from outside, especially from “immature regimes, who have neither the experience nor the wisdom, nor the balance, based on personal interests at the expense of the interests of the peoples”.

The report stresses that the time of colonialism has passed, and the Syrian people who stood together with the army fought against terrorism for 7 years, will not be intimidated “childish and frivolous politics.”

Assad was awarded the highest French award during the official visit to France in 2001.

The Legion of honour — a national award, considered the highest distinction, honor and official recognition of special merits in France. It was established in 1802 by Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.

Grand master of the order is the President of France. Issues of deprivation of awards, the Grand master decides with the office of the order.

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