Sergey Lavrov stated about the readiness of Putin to meet with Donald trump

Sergey Lavrov stated about the readiness of Putin to meet with Donald trump

Vladimir Putin ready to meet with U.S. President Donald trump, said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov.

However, the preparation of the summit as such is still not talking, he said. “Donald trump several times and tweets, and words spoken about what we need with Russia to solve issues, we want Russia to have good relations, it is better than to have a good relationship, and only a fool thinks otherwise. All we hear,” said he in an interview to “RIA Novosti”.

The leaders of Russia and the USA, and also military men of two countries certainly will not allow a military confrontation, said Mr. Lavrov.

“Back to the question about the risks of military confrontation, I believe 100% that the military will not allow this, and this, of course, will not allow neither President Putin, nor, I’m sure President trump. They are still the leaders chosen by their people, they have to answer to these peoples for peace and tranquility,” — said the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

After the missile strike, US Syria Russia has no more obligations to supply anti-aircraft missile systems s-300 to Damascus, said Sergei Lavrov. “We had a moral obligation, we promised not to do it somewhere else 10 years ago, in my opinion, at the request known to our partners, and we took note of their argument that this could lead to destabilization, although the purely defensive, but nevertheless, we heeded the requests, now we have a moral obligation there,” he said.

We will remind, in the morning of 14 April the armed forces of the United States, Britain and France bombed targets in Syria. The President of the United States Donald trump personally announced the attack. Were fired more than 100 rockets. According to preliminary data, injuring three Syrian citizen, information about the victims. NATO supported the decision of the coalition in solidarity with the Alliance made Turkey. U.S. Ambassador to Russia John huntsman said that the United States is connected with Russia before the strikes on Syria to reduce the risk of casualties among Russians and civilians. The Russian side said that they were not warned in advance about the attack. Vladimir Putin accused the United States and its allies in violation of international law.

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