“Musket” and “RAM”. Russia is the newest weapon against drones

“Musket” and “RAM”. Russia is the newest weapon against drones

MOSCOW — RIA Novosti, Andrei stanavov. Solid box sliding interference radius of a few kilometers, tightly blocking the control channels, navigation, and factory data reset, — rostec feels powerful for defense electronic systems, covering the object invisible dome. Anyone flown to him drone instantly lose orientation, will enter into a tailspin and collapse. How it works — in the material RIA Novosti.


Tactics combat use of drones is different. If intelligence, as a rule, use single drones, the drums of the mission, they are sent to dozens or hundreds. In this case, the principle of “wasp swarm”. Quadcopters can deliver and drop explosive and radioactive substances, chemical or biological weapons.

For example, the U.S. Agency DARPA is working on a so-called flying aircraft carrier. As a base you intend to use a cargo plane C-130 Hercules, which can carry a small group of drones of a type of Gremlin (Gremlin). Each drone that delivers up to 25 kg payload to a distance of 500 kilometers, is capable to solve intelligence tasks and to strike at ground targets.

So, in Syria, in the January attack on a military airfield Hamim and the base of the Russian Navy in Tartus, the terrorists involved about 13 drones. They were carrying homemade bombs, but fortunately, not told. Part of the hit air defenses, the rest are “forced” to land electronic warfare (EW). Although traditional air defense in the battle with the drones proved to be good military thinking about specialized tools is no less efficient, but cheaper to operate.

“The cost of the drones ranges from hundreds of millions to a hundred dollars apiece, — said the chief designer of the project of concern “Automatics” Sergey Shiryaev. — It is obvious that the product costs about a hundred dollars it is impractical to bring down the costly air defense systems. There are more effective means of electronic warfare”.

“Drones are going crazy”

Almost all of the drones depending on three radio channels: control, GPS navigation, and discharge information. They are divided by frequency bands. To completely neutralize the drone, you need to suppress all radio channels the source of the so-called sliding interference.

However, this is not so simple. Military unmanned vehicles equipped with an intelligent communication system with hopping frequency (i.e., software-based frequency hopping). Accordingly, as soon as the on-Board computer understands that we heard noise, he begins to look for “clean” frequencies and then switched on.

“In such systems is very important the speed of analysis of the radio channels, to realize on some frequency left of the goal, explains Shiryaev. The effect of the radiation is always about the same — drones, roughly speaking, go crazy. If it’s a Quad, it hangs, it stirs the wind, and then the drone falls into a flat spin and falling. The drone-type aircraft uncontrollable decreases, until they encounter earth”.