“Komsomall” bankrupt

“Komsomall” bankrupt

The founder of DVI Group Vyacheslav Kaminsky arrested in absentia.

As it became known””, the international wanted list and in absentia arrested the founder of the holding company DVI Group Vyacheslav Kaminsky. Initially the Metropolitan police were looking for in the group fraudulent theft of $260 million of investment loans issued by Alfa-Bank, but in the end, Mr. Kaminsky was accused of deliberate bankruptcy were holding LLC “Logisticenter”, dostraivalos shopping center “Komsomall” in Krasnoyarsk.

According to the calculations of investigators, the damage caused to Alfa-Bank amounted to 2.6 billion rubles. the Representatives of the businessman believe that the arrest in absentia of the desired investigation so that he could not return to Russia and to solve their financial problems.

Employees of the head investigative Department of GU MVD in Moscow, Mr. Kaminsky is accused of deliberate bankruptcy (article 196 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation), OOO “Logisticenter” that were included with the DVI Group. According to investigators, in November 2013, the firm received Alfa-Bank foreign currency loan, equivalent to almost 1 billion rubles for the completion of the shopping complex “Komsomall” in Krasnoyarsk. It is the largest Mall of the city with a total area of more than 60 thousand sq. m., Local LLC “Investment company “Stroyinros”” built this Mall since 2006, but due to financial problems was unable to complete the object.

Kaminsky belonged to him through the structure in 2013 bought “Stroyinros” and a Bank loan and own funds completed and launched the object by passing it as collateral to Alfa-Bank. However, from January 2015 the structure of the DVI Group began to admit of delay on foreign currency loans, and some time later, the Bank ceased to carry out current payments “Legitimnost” the bills for the technical operation of “Komsomall”. In this regard, “Logisticenter” entered into an Agency agreement with the input of DVI Group, LLC “MC “Komsomall-Krasnoyarsk”” engaged in the management and operation of TRC since the start, through which conducted the required payments. The interior Ministry believes that in this way “Logisticenter” deliberately ceased to pay its debts, which led the company to bankruptcy. The damage caused by that “Logisticenter”, went bankrupt, could not pay Alfa Bank, estimated at 2.6 billion rubles.

This accusation is all that remains of promising to become a large-scale trial with the alleged frauds in the DVI Group. In the beginning of 2016, representatives of Alfa-Bank appealed to the Ministry of internal Affairs for the Central district of Moscow with the statement for theft of $260 million, taken structures Vyacheslav Kaminsky on the development. Police on 2 March the same year opened a criminal case about large fraud (part 4 of article 59 of the criminal code), and soon the investigation was transferred to the GUS GU MVD in Moscow.

But for half a year, the police never found the suspects, and in 2017 reclassified the case on deliberate bankruptcy. It was investigated in the relation “unstated persons”. From court documents that the September 13, 2017, Vyacheslav Kaminsky, who left Russia in October 2015, became a suspect and even somehow gave recognizance not to leave. 17 November 2017 in absentia he was indicted, and on December 12 announced in the international search. According to investigators, the accused is in one of the countries of the European Union. Then he arrested in absentia Tverskoy district court and Moscow city court in which the complaint asked protection, recently upheld that decision in force. However, as of yesterday, Mr. Kaminski was still not listed in the database of wanted persons Interpol.

The DVI Group business after a series of lawsuits and the bankruptcy auction is almost entirely under the control of Alfa-Bank that overhangs the main creditor in the insolvency process of legal entities of the holding. For example, in the register of requirements “Logisticenter” the Bank owns the lion’s share of claims — 3,146 bn RUB. prior To the bankruptcy of DVI Group was four “Komsomall” — in Volgograd, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk and Ekaterinburg, two shopping centers “Capital” in Perm and Izhevsk, as well as the business center “Eco” in Perm. The total amount owned by the holding areas exceeded 300 thousand sq. m last year structures “the alpha” took almost the whole business, and part of it has already sold. However Krasnoyarsk “Komsomall” is still listed as for sale on the website of “Viola plus” structure “the alpha-groups” engaged in the sale of non-core assets.

Olesya [the lawyer representing interests of Vyacheslav Kaminsky, insists that in his case “there is no crime event”. “If you take the very accusation in deliberate bankruptcy, the consequence is easy to verify that write-offs “Legitimnost” the Bank did not stop before bankruptcy. Agency contract which the police considered the crime, last week was recognized by the arbitral Tribunal. Other exit, except how to operate the agent from Krasnoyarsk “Komsomall” was not — the Bank blocked accounts, and the facility had to continue”, — told “Kommersant” Mrs. [.

According to her, Mr. Kaminsky, and its representatives reliably learned that it received the status of the accused “directly in the Tver court for election of a preventive measure”. The reasons for this she sees “not a criminal, and economic framework.” In December 2014, the ruble has fallen, and all loans were made in dollars and euros. And that was enough for operating activities and a comfortable loan payments, was not enough, said the defender. “Shortly before the arrest of Vyacheslav Kaminsky was going to return to Russia to solve business problems or even restart it. Yet he wasn’t allowed to make,” she says. Alfa-Bank on inquiry “” yesterday have not answered.