Google banned to use their domains to bypass the lock

Google banned to use their domains to bypass the lock

Google has banned third-party services to use its network to bypass government blocks. 13 APR drew the attention of Tor users. 18 APR wrote about this Verge.

Prior to this, the application developers on Android to use the hosting service Google App Engine as a proxy. That is, the developers, for example, VPN services to disguise the ultimate “route of the traffic by directing it through a Google server. This practice is called domain’m fronting.

Google representatives explained to the Verge that the company has long planned to turn off domain’m fronting, as this feature has never been officially supported. To return her company is going.

Bypass locks by using Google App Engine used, for example, the messenger Signal. At the same time, according to the American company Fire Eye, Google to bypass the lock used by the Russian hacker group APT29 (Cozy Bear).

Russia’s Roskomnadzor 16 APR blocked more than 15 million IP addresses belonging to Google and Amazon. So, the Supervisory authority tries to execute the court decision and block the messenger Telegram.