British sailors chose to rescue turtles win the competition

British sailors chose to rescue turtles win the competition

But about the act team members did not regret.

The crew of British sailors who took part in a three week race, chose to sacrifice victory to save the life of a turtle entangled in fishing nets.

Turtle trapped in a plastic fishing net is rescued by kind-hearted crew who halt sailing race in the Atlantic Ocean to save it

— Daily Mail Online (@MailOnline) April 19, 2018

The sailing team raced through the Atlantic ocean near the Cape Verde Islands spotted the animal. At first they thought it was a whale, but came closer, I saw a turtle that was struggling with trying to get out of the network. Without thinking, the sailors decided to save the animal.

They dragged nets into the boat and began to cut them. At this time, the turtle stopped struggling and allowed people to do their job. After a time, the sailors freed captive, was photographed with her good-bye and released into the ocean.

In the end, the rescue operation took the crew quite a while, and they were not able to reach the finish line first. But his actions they do not regret. This is the correct set of priorities.