British farmer shamed neighbors with humorous sign

British farmer shamed neighbors with humorous sign

Don’t like animals — live in the city.

48-year-old Stephen Nolan lives with his family in a small village in Lancashire. On his farm he keeps ten horses, four pigs, geese and chickens, not to mention several dogs and cats. But the neighbors Nolan is not very happy about this menagerie.

Farmer sick of complaints about ‘smelly animals’ posts hilarious warning sign

— Daily Mirror (@DailyMirror) April 20, 2018

They regularly complain to the local authorities in the “noise and smell” from the farm. When one of the neighbors began to resent because of the construction of the new Stephen stables, the farmer lost his nerve. He put on his fence quite eloquent sign on which was written:

Attention! This property is a farm. Farm animals live. Animals make funny sounds, smell bad and have sex outdoors. If you are unable to deal with it — do not buy a property next to a farm.

Stephen Nolan, 48, put up the notice after he received complaints on and off for four years about noise from his animals.

— Metro (@MetroUK) April 18, 2018

Nolan in an interview to the newspaper The Sun said that still does not understand people who want to live in the village, but expect that there will be no animals.