All correspondence Russians will keep for a month for the FSB

All correspondence Russians will keep for a month for the FSB

The Russian government approved the procedure of storing all traffic of Russian users.

The document published on the official portal of legal information.

According to the document, operators from 1 October 2018 will be stored in full with all information of users in the last 30 days.

The volume of traffic to save will grow by 15 percent within five years.

In the list of information to collect includes voice and text communications, images, sounds, videos. Data about the facts of receiving and transmitting calls, messages, and other content operators are obliged to keep within six months.

Approval procedures for the storage traffic passed in the framework of the package of anti-terrorist laws, also known as “Spring package”, adopted in June 2016. In particular, these laws give law enforcement the right to request from operators of customer information, and FSB to require social networks and instant messengers encryption keys.

In September 2016, “rostec” published estimates, according to which the implementation of the “Spring package”, in particular, localization of equipment and software will cost 10.3 billion rubles.

In December 2017 in the “MegaFon” said that anti-terrorist amendments will cost from 35 to 40 billion rubles in the next five years.