UK may ban the sale of plastic tubes

UK may ban the sale of plastic tubes

In the UK next year could ban the sale of plastic tubes, cotton swabs, and some other disposable products made of plastic that will become a new stage of the campaign against the pollution of rivers and oceans.

With the corresponding statement is planning to be Prime Minister Theresa may during a meeting of heads of governments of the Commonwealth on April 19, the newspaper The Guardian.

According to the Minister of the environment Michael Gove in the Kingdom annually emit about 8.5 billion plastic tubes.

The government plans to spend 61 million pounds ($86 million) on the development of new technologies that will help solve the problem of plastic waste.

In the fall of 2015 in the Kingdom was a tax in the amount of 5 pence in the purchase of plastic bags in supermarkets. The introduction of fees led to a reduction in their use at 83% for the first year.

In January, the European Commissioner for budget Guenther Oettinger has proposed to introduce a similar tax throughout the EU.